Issues Pertaining to Naturism And The Cell Phone

Nudism And The Cell Phone – Why? I must confess that my first reaction to hearing discussion about this was irritation and annoyance because the policies are generally created because of individuals demonizing the cell phone.
In these past few days where discussions about cell phones at nudist resortshas been quite prevalent through the nudist world, I ‘m now very, very happy with my naturist campground for thinking about a cell phone policy. Why, you ask? Because we are among the first clubs to actually THINK about and discuss the policy. I’m all for thinking! Yay to my camp!!!!!
I will share below some of the new ideas that are becoming clear to me:
Naturism And The Cell Phone
1) This isn’t completely an age issue as I originally thought. I’m learning that many mature adults adore their cell phones just as much as I (and other young folks) do! Yay older people!!!
2) appears that the cell phone and other technology is being blamed for people’s poor conduct. hadn’t actually thought about this, but it actually does make sense.
3) There seems to be an alternative standard for club attendees and service people at the clubs. Why are members and day visitors more suspicious than service providers? This really is interested to me.
4) One friend pointed out that we can prohibit all cell phones and electronic books and iPads and the list goes on, but, really, if you’re a true bad guy who needs pictures of nude folks, all you have to do is drive down to Walmart and buy a pencil with a camera and videocamera integrated to it. Pencils are not banned, right?
5) In thinking about the inhabitants at a naturist camp, it’s almost humorous that folks are so worried about pictures in the first place. Most nudist camps have a high ratio of older people (seniors and such) and additionally they have the same high percentage of people that are overweight and such. Yes, we are taking of every body and we love ourselves regardless of what the outside world thinks of us, but, well, are unclothed photographs of granny and grandpa or people that have imperfect bodies (we have no airbrushes here at camp! lol) really in that high of a demand? I don’t say this to be rude, it’s only a thought to consider.
So, no answer has yet been found. But that is fine because people are discussing the subject, thinking about it, and examining it. That, my friends, is the start of common sense prevailing with this issue. And isn’t common sense the best response, anyway?
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36 year old naturist from Catskill, NY. Love life, hiking, climbing trees, writing, and helping folks. Been a naturist since the age of 28 and found it to be a life changing manner of living.


Jock Sturges: Photographer or Pornographer?

The Story Of Jock Sturges and Dilemmas he Faced with Child Pornography Charges:
Jock Sturges is a world renowned photographer. His standing straddles the invisible line separating fine art from lewd pornography. Sturges is well referred to as a photographer of nudists (naturists). He concentrated his efforts on creating images of largely and girls. The subjects ranged in age from adults to young children.
It was the photos of nude young kids that first began the legal firestorm. Many people in society today are still divided about the depiction of minors in nude photography.
Is Sturges a true visual artist and pioneer? Or has he truly transgressed into the universe of child pornography?
In the late 1980s and early 1990s Jock Sturges was making headlines and not for the right motives. Sadly for Jock, some technician saw the photos and alerted the FBI to the possibility of child pornography / endangerment.
In July of 1990 numerous pictures and photography gear belonging to Sturges were seized by the authorities and held as evidence. At the time, the pictures were discovered to be sexually explicit in nature. Thus a broad-scale child pornography case was looming on the horizon.
Many legal experts in San Francisco supported Jock Sturges. In addition they insisted that since these were not pornographic images of underage kids, Sturges was shielded by the First Amendment. They argued he had the Constitutional right to freely express himself through his selection of artistic enterprises.
Following a drawn out investigation that cost him $100,000 in legal fees, Sturges inevitably won the battle in September of 1991. Prosecutors were shocked when they learned the conclusion.
During the earlier mentioned investigation some people had gone to local bookstores and took it upon themselves to destroy any of these books they could find.
After this landmark legal decision, the drama continued for quite some time. There was a sustained by particular individuals to have these photography publications branded or at the minimum, labeled as obscene material.
In 1998 the controversy got its second wind. Another effort was made to have two of his publications classified as child pornography – “The Last Day of Summer” as well as “Radiant Identities.” This attempt to ban his novels in Alabama and Tennessee was unsuccessful.
Sadly, the FBI had a way of forever censoring artists like Jock. He says in an interview, “There are photos I don’t take now that I formerly would have taken without any thought at all. Before, I didn’t think there was anything more or less obscene about any part of the body. I had photograph anything. Now I understand that there are specific positions and angles that make people see red, which are evidence of original sin or something, and I avoid that. But it is tough.” And who can blame him for restricting himself as an artist when one innocent picture can turn someone into a child pornographer?
Even some parents were taken in for investigation in the 90s after picture laboratory technicians reported a photograph of a nude kid in their own roll of film (the parents’ own kids of course). Perhaps this still happens to parents today, but the digital age has made it much easier to keep family pictures private. Yet, things have gotten more ridiculous since now children themselves are facing child pornography charges from “sexting”!
In any case, we’ve included a few images of Sturges’ work below. In our perspective, these pictures and his other works aren’t pornographic or sexual by any stretch of the imagination. The scandal seems to have been the result of a prevalent anxiety and paranoia surrounding pedophiles and child pornography. Sturges also credits it to the way American society is so hung-up about sex and the manner it refuses to acknowledge children as sexual beings. He states in precisely the same interview: “Western civilization insists on these definite demarcations. Before 18, you do not exist sexually; after 18, you exist like crazy. It is absurd.
Photograph by Jock Sturges Young Girl Nude
Christina by Jock Sturges
Nude Mother and Child By Jock Sturges
Christina, Misty, & Alisa 1989, by Jock Sturges
Radiant Identities: Photographs by Jock Sturges

around me and were not that close.)

I sat there for 10-20 min.
I then was relaxed and comfortable enough to say to
my self I want to get nude and see what it feels
So off came my short pants and
Panties! I sat there bare for a min. or two then
stood up. I’ll never forget that moment. What I felt
I am only able to describe as the most awesome sense of
Liberty I ‘ve ever felt inside my entire life! I felt so
fee and alive! It was just amazing to be bare
outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt amazing… so
Comfy I then ran into the ocean and swam. It
felt so fine to swim without an suit I adored that
experience and wanted to do it again.
After that I went back to blacks
several more times. Additionally , I went to other nudist
beaches; San Onfre, (45 minute north of blacks), and
More Mesa in Santa Barbra. San Onfre is nice, its
I went
to college in nude beache and I found More
Mesa. This is a great strand! Verry private and
secluded. I went to UCSB in Santa Barbra and saw
Signals for models desired for art class. I signed up
and modeled naked for the art class.
for me and it was pleasure. It was neat to see how each
artist painted me in their own way. My mom noticed
the test from the art school and asked me about it

all just laughed and gave me a hard time about it but
Weren’t offended or upset or anything so it was cool.
Since that time, I have been to
two nudist resorts in CA. I had a really fine time in
both resorts. The people there were really friendly and
It was really relaxing and
Enjoyable to spend the day naked swimming, eating, sunning,
meeting awesome people etc. Most of the individuals were elderly
Its cool
though to see all the young folks involved with
nudism in this group.
Now I go nude in my room
Virtually constantly. In addition , I go naked at the local nudist
Plage (Haulover). This is my favorite fkk beach.
Its very easy to get to, there are people of all
ages, and they sell drinks and hot dogs on the shore
weather. I love going nude whenever possible, its
very comfy, feels great and life is more fun in
the nude!
I want to start of by providing you with a little info about
myself. I am 26 years old and now living in
Aventura, Florida. I ‘ve been going bare since I was
17 or so. Besides nudism I also enjoy playing pool,
listening to all kinds of music (except country and
gangsta rap), working with computers, and discussing
about autos. Now I Will get into how I got started as a
Interested about how it felt like to be naked in my
When I was 18 a senior in high
We ran about
Individuals joked
about running there, but no one actually did.
One day on a run by myself I ran
made it there and saw the bare people. At this point
I was interested concerning what it was like to be bare on
the beach, why these folks did it. I ran to a form
of isolated part of the plage (just a few individuals
around me and weren’t that close.) I took off my

I afterward was relaxed and comfy enough to say to
my self I need to get naked and see what it feels
So off came my short pants and
underwear! I sat there bare for a min. or two afterward
stood up. I will never forget that moment. What I felt
I can only describe as the most amazing awareness of
Independence I have ever felt inside my entire life! I felt so
fee and alive! It was simply awesome to be nude
outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt amazing… hence
Comfy I then ran into the ocean and swam. It
felt so fine to swim without an suit I loved that
Encounter and desired to do it again.
After that I went back to blacks
several more times. I also went to other naturist
beaches; San Onfre, (45 min north of blacks), and
San Onfre is nice, its
I went
to college in Santa Barbra and I found More
Mesa. is an excellent strand! Verry private and
signs for models wanted for art class. I signed up
and posed naked for the art class.
for me and it was fun. It was neat to see how each
artist painted me in their own way. My mom noticed
the test from the art school and asked me about it
in front of the family. I told her the truth, they
were not offended or mad or anything so it was trendy.
Since that time, I’ve been to
two nudist resorts in CA. I had a really nice time in
both resorts. The folks there were really friendly and
It was really relaxing and
fun to spend the day nude swimming, eating, sunning,
meeting awesome people etc. Most of the individuals were elderly

Inquire Nudist Questions on Ask-A-Nudist!

Inquire Nudist Questions by FKK
Inquire Naturist Questions – Desire to Ask Naturist Questions or Answer Questions about Nudism? Great! We just established a brand new site called
Go check it out, maybe share some wisdom in responses, or take the opportunity to ask your own burning questions!
“What’s the most insane thing you’ve ever done in the nude?” are exhibitionists, right?”
At last, this nude drive-thru business is over with Brian Coldin in Ontario, Canada.
I See my post here.
If the body is completely free of fabric or clothing except for shoes in your feet, are you still technically “nude” ?
If you free-hike (aka hike naked) alone on some secluded, isolated trails, and nobody sees you, did it still happen?
In Canada public nudity might enable you to get charged with an indecent act, but what is “indecent”? Cropper’s lawyer said that indecency calls for causing injury. At what point is nudity “indecent” and causing harm to others?
To what extent is nudity a component of “liberty of expression”? You can’t merely get naked anywhere you want and say you were merely “expressing yourself,” or can you?
Last Touch: He states that he would like a “more feminine existence” for this one, though both men and women likewise are needed. I participated in one of his shoots last year, and it was definitely a fresh experience.
John Cropper
If you enroll, just understand that it includes a lot of close, physical contact with naked strangers (who quickly become friends).
We were given one of Angelo Musco’s photos books after the shoot, and I might describe the pages as dark, fuzzy, nebulous.
It is not my first pick for the coffee table, but I was transferred by this mp4 created after the shoot:
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Writer of Naturist Blog. Co-founder of Nudist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. When I’m not busy eating, I’m writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other interesting subjects. I like feedback, so plz leave a comment when fuck beach girl got something to say!

It combined the superficial nature of media portrayals of girls with the reality of my bare form. “Tag” is the epitome of what I was initially trying to action with beginning my transformation; fitting into these idealized ideals of the body in a useless attempt.

“Bare” by Julia Kozerski in her show “Half”
There appears to be a major disconnect between your fat loss encounter and what’s depicted on TV and in magazines.. The media seems to promise happiness and confidence from losing weight while your images show something very different.. What’s all the emotion behind this kind of physical transformation? Can it be really a sad, disheartening encounter?
You know, this weight-loss experience has been a roller-coaster. There are times of extreme happiness and pride, blended in with despair and melancholy.
With having gone through this, I ‘m better in tune with my mental and physical being. I can better predict how particular selections will result. Before this journey, I wasn’t living, I was only alive (inside an unhealthy, morbidly fat shell at that).
I NEVER regret making these shifting. Yes, there were tears but now there’s nothing but pride in those tears. They are real, they’re raw, we all have them (whether you fight with weight or not, we all wrestle with our own devils/insecurities). My experience taught me what this means to be human.
How did the changes on teen naturist videos affect the interior?
When I first started my transformation, it was solely on the basis of aesthetics. I wanted to look like a model. Well when I started to slowly understand that that wasn’t going to occur, my self-esteem fell. Fortunately, I Had been shooting all of these pictures which is when I began really looking at myself (through the lens) to see what I’d done to myself. The photographs were crucial.
In them I saw things that I was not able to grasp/understand in that I was living in myself the entire time. In stopping those seconds I could see the favorable, even in the negative. I gained an improved understanding that what was unfolding was truly real. It was humankind at its best – targets, struggle, pain, love, victory over evil. Like anyone else, I still have hard emotional spans but they are more balanced now. I ‘m still self-crucial but who isn’t.
My inside (and outside) only feel more “me” (for dearth of a better word) than ever. The changes on the exterior helped me understand who was on the inside. took of my exterior additionally helped to understand the psychological areas I was in and helped me better manage with my altering emotions. The pictures I took of myself played an enormous role.
They were healing in a way, helping me look objectively at the girl in the picture. Sharing the images publicly was a giant step, one that I will be eternally thankful for. The discussions evoked from my work have now been superb!
They have shown me that I/we are not alone in our feelings and emotions and that it’s ok to talk about these problems – without humiliation. (Of course, I ‘ve received quite a few negative comments but I Have begun to understand they come from your reviewers own insecurities and that what I am doing physically and artistically is right for me.)
“Hunger” by photographer Julia Kozerski from her show “Half”
Merely from curiosity, what have been some of the negative remarks? (Other than thoughtless comments of “that sucks”, etc)
I have received various negative remarks. Most recently though, I have gotten a few answers the nudity was unnecessary and offensive.
I’m gotten comments (most notably on the pictures where my husband was comprised) that I should have covered his dick.
My (mute) response to those folks I imagine you don’t get it (my message and/or my “art” in general).
So taking naked photographs as well as sharing them in a enormously public manner has helped you take yourself and your body. Would you recommend this to other people who are attempting to slim down or who are trying to only accept their bodies?

Learn About Nudist Girls and Girls Naturists

Naturist Girls And Naturist Girls by Nudist Portal Site
Nudist girls and naturist women are fascinating to other “fabric” ladies (in addition to many men for that matter).
These girls tend to have unbelievable self- naturism nudism in their own outward appearance and they are “uncommonly” comfortable within their own skin.
That may seem terrifying to those individuals who have never lived as naturists, but it is really quite liberating. Naturist girls learn many things that other women would take advantage of learning too.
Nudist girl in the sun
Attention Naturist Girls – Blemishes Are Interesting Not Embarrassing!
Nudist women understand that each human body is different. Some are larger; some are smaller, some have moles and birthmarks while others have flawlessly even skin.
Girls who believe in the naturist culture do not put the negativity on body differences which is common by many other girls.
They understand that differences are fascinating and natural, and should consequently not be considered embarrassing.
Nudist Girls and Women Realize That Bodies are Perfectly Perfect
Nudist Girls DoesN’t Equal Promiscuous Women!
There are a great number of misconceptions about nudist girls or women and sex. There’s nothing else it is possible to talk to them about, really.
Naked or Nudist Girls DoesN’t Equal Promiscuous Women
These misconceptions are shattered instantaneously once you step into the life of a genuine nudist. You see these women are just like loyal and faithful for their lovers or spouses as anyone else.
You can be nude without thinking about sexuality.
Naturist Girls and Faith
In some faiths, appreciating the naked state of being does mean you’re a sinner. But many would assert that this natural state of being is Godlier than hiding behind expensive clothes, cosmetics, and jewelry.
Nudist Girls and Faith
All girls do not have to prescribe to the nudist lifestyle, but they should all recognize that there’s nothing shameful or sinful about their naked bodies.
Naturist Women and The Quest of check it is the final lesson that women should learn from nudist girls. When you strip away the clothes and other embellishments, you truly see who the individual sitting across the table from you is inside. While some see naked people or the bare body as a distraction, authentic naturist women see the clothed and well adorned body as a distraction.
Naturist Girls and The Quest of “True Beauty”

I think that when we see other people, we immediately associate them with matters. Well whatever, that girl’s rather why is she talking about her body she does not have any reason to whine” or maybe “Oh strange, she looks like so and so and I hated that girl.”

And that would shut people down and restrict their own capacity to see themselves in my writing and my graphics. You wouldn’t believe how many women have written to me telling me that we have virtually indistinguishable bodies, and if I revealed my face, I Had lose that form of open-door, “I could be anyone” feeling. Suddenly I would become someone instead of only a body or an idea.
So in a way, it is provided a more open communication with others?
BtoB: Certainly.I think that had I revealed my face from the start, the project would never have gained as much impetus. Or at least not with the same sort of “body positivity” crowd. I may be wrong, of course, but at this point I’m quite stuck on my determination to stay anonymous.
Out of curiosity, do you think your relatives and buddies would be accepting of the project if they understood?
BtoB: Yes and no. Or, instead, no and yes. No to family, yes to buddies. Some of my buddies do understand, and the conversation usually goes something like, “Yeah, so I did a thing on the internet where I am taking photos of my body and it is sort of popular now and it’s kind of odd but cool and I enjoy it.”
And is, “Cool. Strange. Whatever.
I was raised in a very conservative Christian household, so that’s not actually something they would be proud of, even if I am helping people feel better about themselves.
Is it due to the nudity, the topics you discuss, or both?!
BtoB: Both.And also that I’m showing my naked body to the world for anyone to see. Pretty much everything related to my project is a huge violation of how I was raised.
I am able to appreciate that coming from an extremely old-fashioned, Christian family myself. Were you able to see regular girls bare growing up? Or was that also a breach to what was perceived as “right”?
BtoB: Regrettably, I do think that is quite standard for young girls. The quantity of e-mails I get through Tumblr from girls who tell me how much my story parallels theirs is astonishing. I think that usually when kids get to see nudity, it’s on TV if anything and it’s movie star nudity which is a whole lot different than a naked person before your eyes. I definitely believe this harms girls later in life because they’re never really certain what their body is “supposed” to look like and live in some form of anxiety that it won’t match up with the thought that the man they’re with has about the female body.
I am certain that extends to guys too, to a degree, but I also think it is a lot more acceptable for a little boy to run around nude with another little boy than for a little girl to say, “hey, let’s spread our legs and look at each others genitals!”
I never saw a naked woman growing up. I never even saw my mother naked. It was a “clothes at all times” family and you bathed by yourself if you were naked. Even swimming, I was not permitted to wear a “showing” swimsuit to call any form of attention to my body.
I’m supposing that nudity was linked expressly to sexuality subsequently, even if that was not conveyed directly? And ultimately, that was not a favorable message.
BtoB: Yeah, it was the entire “nudity equals sex” idea and also the “god needs you to cover your body” thought. Neither of which I think are healthy for a young person growing up and learning about their own body.
I do expect that my website helps individuals see a little piece of reality that stands outside of the universe of porn and sex and and is just an open, honest portrait of a girl who has gone through the same things they are going through. And even if they can’t talk to their mother about it or their friends about it, it is a little affirmation that there IS someone out there who realizes what they’re going through and made it out on the other side and is still learning and growing.