Naked Pool Swim Party And Socially Naked Report

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A Naked Pool Party and Being Naked at My Buddy’s Naturist Pool Party
Naked Pool Party – My first social nudist encounter was during my freshman year of college. Among my pals, Tracy was leasing a house with various other girls and mentioned in my experience that she had a pool and that we’re able to use it any time. Several weeks later, she told youngnudists that she’d become a naturist and that she needed to encourage me to go skinny dipping at her house with 15 other people – both men and women.
I have to say that I was just a little scared at first because it appeared odd and so out of the ordinary. She explained that because she was European that she’d grown up around nudity and had frequented unclothed beaches frequently. She said that individuals in America accept social nudity in films or rap videos but as it pertains to a “real” naked body, they view it as something incorrect, lewd and obscene. But in fact, it’s not.
This made me think about an art class that I had considered. We had to draw images of bare models and it actually did not seem that strange. The model was assured and didn’t seem bothered by the encounter though the model was the only individual nude in the room.
I thought about for a while and after several hours, I called Tracy. I was a bit apprehensive but I told her that I’d head to her nude pool party!
The the next couple of days were filled with anxiety. I needed to look great for the nude pool party , and so I went to the gymnasium for a number of hours every day. I went tanning, got a haircut and even got a manicure and pedicure. I went back and forth about what to wear for this nude pool party; I know it seems dumb, but I had no clue how these thing work. Do I go there naked with only a towel? Do I wear garments there and then get nude? What does one wear to nude pool partys anyhow!?!?
I merely did not want to looked down upon or made fun of and this was the first naked party of any sort that I’ll be attending.
Naked Pool Partys Picture
My head was racing with ideas. What would happen if a went there nude and on the way a police officer pulled me over? Consequently, I determined on wearing a bikini with a sarong and put a towel in my bag for later.
as soon as I showed up, everyone was already naked and swimming about in the pool. They were in the pool, they were nude, and they were in the middle of playing a game of nude volleyball. No one seemed to notice or even care that everyone in attendance was nude.
Tracy came up top me and inquired if I needed to take off my bikini and sarong. Like ripping off a band-aid, I got naked right there and immediately dove into the pool!
It was pretty frightening at first. I was naked and surrounded by others who were naked also. But after a few minutes, I felt very relaxed and enjoyed my evening in the nude. Another party goers were very fine if you ask me. When everything was said and done it was a genuinely positive and quite an eye opening experience for me.
Personally, I have some negative body image issues. I fought with my weight through my early adolescent years and was a casualty to anorexia. This left me with a lot of negative feelings about my body image.
The complete encounter with social naturism made a favorable impact on me. Looking back, the encounter has had a direct and positive impact on who I am now. I believe that I am less judgmental of individuals. Clothes don’t define a person and I enjoy that I ‘m competent to be without clothes and still be able to communicate and communicate with individuals.
I have attended a few more of Tracy’s naked pool parties and a handful of only regular naked parties. I now I’m at a point where I ‘ll happy to go any time she encourages me.
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Facebook Promises to Likes Moob and Moobies (male breasts) But Not The Boobies

Does Facebook Actually Love Moobies?
Moobies – Facebook has ridiculous censorship policies. Since many of you likely understand, women’s breasts are outlawed from . Having said that, male breasts – “Moobies” – are fully acceptable and uncensored. Not only is this hypocritical, but the entire guidelines for censorship are crazy.
Furthermore, Facebook is creating a high level of constraint for art. Do you realize that Facebook does not consider photography as a valid art form? That is what gives them the right to take down any pictures. Arty or pornographic, for Facebook they are no different. We learned this soon after the New Yorker’s “Nipplegate” episode when they were compelled to clarify their censorship policy. or Male Breasts Continue To Be A Problem For Facebook!
The nudity ban is generating a lot of criticism among users too. Since Facebook has explained that naked cartoons are totally okay you are able to feel free to post them. But can you really? Who knows since Facebook removes pretty much whatever gets reported. So their censorship policies will not be in line with their own guidelines.
If this is not a backwards and crazy rule, then I don’t have any idea what is. I can’t help but wonder, what is next? Will Facebook ban all art with nudity?
For now at least, moobies (male breasts) are fair game. I put the Moobies to the evaluation when I created and posted the above moobie graphic as my profile picture. So far I am still great with Facebook. Oddly enough, after I posted on Google Plus, my profile got deleted. So maybe Google is a bit more consistent. I imagine there’s a silver lining here – Google finds all nipples evil so at least they don’t discriminate!
Where do we go from here? What’s going to be the next sort of censor? Maybe women’s feet and arms will be banned from your walls and news feeds of Facebook? Maybe Facebook will simply allow images of girls in burkas? Or maybe no women with burkas?
It remains to be seen whether the censorship rules will get overturned or remain precisely the same. Only time will tell how Facebook will positively or negatively grow their website. Maybe it is just me, but I just can not wrap my head around this problem. What is so chilling about nudity that it must be torn down from someone’s wall ASAP? What could possibly happen?
Really folks! I need your help here!
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gossiping about it, effectively ruining Noah’s reputation, ethnic standing, and power as a father figure. In the

story, Shem and Japheth were blessed for coming to the defense of their dad’s honor. Rather than joining Ham in
his boasting, they reverently covered their dad’s shame.281
189. Exodus 20:26–The Priest’s nakedness wasn’t to be exposed because it would create dissonance
between his social function, in which he was to be viewed as sexually neutral, and his biological standing as a sexual being.
The Priest’s costume symbolized his societal role; to be exposed in that circumstance would be inappropriate and
Rita Poretsky writes: “Personhood, original sexual energy, and physical nakedness may be either in
synchrony with social institutions or in disharmony. . . . Nakedness is a nakedness of self in a social context, not simply
a nakedness of body.” 283 On the flip side, it was quite proper for David to dance essentially naked in public
to observe the return of the Ark of the Covenant (II Samuel 6:14-23).
190. Leviticus 18:6-19–Here and throughout the Old Testament and Torah, the expression “uncover of” (as it’s literally translated in the King James Version) is a euphemism for “have sexual relations
with.” The prohibitions usually do not refer to nudity per se.
191. I Samuel 19:23-24–Jewish prophets were usually nude–so commonly that when Saul stripped off
his clothes and prophesied, no one considered his nakedness remarkable, but everyone immediately assumed that he
must be a prophet also.
192. II Samuel 6:14-23–King David danced nearly naked in the City of David to celebrate the return of the
ark, in full view of all citizens of the city. Michal criticized his public nudity and was rebuffed.
King David wasn’t only nude–he wore a “linen ephod,” a type of short apron or close-fitting, armless,
outer vest, going at the most down to the hips. Ephods were part of the vestments worn by Jewish priests. They
hid nothing.285
193. Isaiah 20:2-3–God directly commanded Isaiah to loose the sackcloth from his hips, and he went naked
and barefoot for three years. The prophet Micah might have done the same thing (see Micah 1:8).
194. Song of Solomon repeatedly expresses thanks for the naked body.
195. of nakedness with shame is in reference to a sin already committed. One
cannot hide from God behind literal or figurative clothes. All stand naked before God.286
196. Nakedness cannot automatically be equated with sexual sin.
Linking nudity with sexual sin, to the exclusion of all else, makes as much sense as insisting that fire can
Simply be linked to the destruction of property and life, and is therefore wrong. Sin comes not from nakedness,
but from how the state of nakedness is used. Ian Barbour writes: “No facet of man is bad in itself, but merely in its
misuse. The inherent goodness of the material order, in which man’s being completely participates, is, as we shall see, a
corollary of the doctrine of development.” 287
Pope John Paul II concurs that nudity, in and of itself, isn’t sinful. “The human body in itself always has its
own inalienable human dignity,” he says. It is simply obscene when it is reduced to “an item of ‘enjoyment,’ meant
for the gratification of concupiscence itself.” 288
197. Nakedness cannot automatically be associated with lust.
It is not practical to cover the apples in the marketplace simply because someone might may be tempted by
gluttony, nor is it required to ban cash because someone might be overcome by greed. Nor is it sensible to prohibit
nudity, simply because a person might be enticed to lust. Additionally, respect for the attractiveness of a member
of the other sex, nude or otherwise, cannot be equated automatically with lust. Only if want is added does
appreciation become lust, and for that reason sin. Even then, it’s the person who lusts, not the object of lust, who has sinned.
Bathesheba was never rebuked for bathing, but David for lusting (II Samuel 11:2-12:12). Pope John Paul II writes:
“There are conditions in which nakedness is not immodest. If someone takes advantage of such an occasion to
Handle the individual as an item of enjoyment (even if his actions is just internal) it is only he who’s guilty of
shamelessness . . . not the other.” 289 Margaret Miles detects that “Nakedness and sexuality or lust were rarely
associated in patristic writings.” 290
198. Many historic church leaders have disassociated nudity with sexual immodesty. St. Thomas
Aquinus, for example, defined an immodest act as one done with a lustful motive.291 Consequently, someone who
disrobes for the sole purpose of bathing or recreating cannot be accused of immodesty.
Pope John Paul II writes: “Sexual modesty cannot then in any simple way be identified with the utilization of
clothing, nor shamelessness with the absence of clothing and total or partial nakedness. . . . Immodesty is present

The way the Textile Industry Convinced Everyone That Nudity is Lousy

While most folks do not think about the historical political impact of the clothing they wear, textiles and the textile industry has in fact had a massive impact on societies around the globe, and still do today. It must be recalled that prior to the European Renaissance and Industrial Revolution, the vast majority of Earth’s human population was (and still is) centered about the equator in tropical and semitropical regions.
European and other temperate zone, subarctic, and arctic inhabitants traditionally required hand-made clothing (typically of animal skins and furs, wool, insect by-products like silk, hand processed leaves and tree barks, and hand/loom woven plant fibers for example linen, hemp, and cotton) for protection from the elements.
Desert dwelling folks also traditionally needed garments for protection from overexposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of sunlight. In some of these societies handcraft textiles and loom woven fabrics became a valued art, benefiting comfortable weavers and merchant classes. Individuals also wore clothing to indicate their socio economic status, and religious offices.
However, for most individuals around the globe, outside of little elite aristocracies, rich merchant classes, the religious institution, and societies heavily affected by handcraft textile and merchant guilds, clothing was mostly worn for practical functional functions, and not needed when impractical, including for swimming, or for working in hot humid conditions.
Cloth body concealment was not ascribed any moral dimension as symbolic of modesty or purity. The nude human body was correlated with poverty at worst, truthfulness and purity at best, and was, at the time, not directly associated with human sexuality by many Earth’s peoples.
slaves – colonization, nudity, clothing and the textile industry
Subsequently, in 1750 the textile mill was devised in England. This created great wealth for the owners of textile mills, and agricultural land barons that provided cotton, wool, and other raw materials to be woven into textile fabrics for clothing (as well as for rope, boat sails, construction materials and other uses).
As garments was the important gain creating end use of the textile mill owners products, it became critical for their local people to be indoctrinated with the “need” for material body concealment whatsoever times to keep continual gains.
This indoctrination also solidified the standings of the aristocracy by direct transfer of wealth in the masses via textile clothes purchases, by designating particular clothes styles as exceptionally pricey and only to be worn by aristocrats, and by designating many different clothing styles for each sex, age, class, and commerce, region, action, and sect, thereby reinforcing sections within the general public, making them more readily subdivided and controlled.
Once the masses accepted the practice of continuous material body concealment (frequently indoctrinated though the church, the best proponent of new thoughts accessible to the aristocracy at that time) the wealth of the textile producers was insured for generations.
Textile producers and religious organizations in Asia had long followed an identical path to continuous gains and authoritarian hierarchical control within their own areas and religions too.
As the technology of the industrial revolution advanced it became possible for the textile makers to supply more clothing than was demanded by local residents, and the makers were so compelled to seek elsewhere to market their products.
Therefore colonial growth was significantly hastened. The European aristocracy sought new markets for the products (mainly fabrics, in addition to alcoholic beverages, and weapons), affordable labour, and new environmental resource lands to produce its essential raw materials (chiefly cotton and wool). The church sought new converts to its authoritarian belief systems, including of course cloth body concealment in the least times as a matter of piety, morality, decency, and culture.
Authorities sought expansion in their international influence, tax base, and increase in their national wealth. Governments also sought to apply cloth body concealment as a matter of “law” and social “order” as the practice became normal within their own populations and prosperous elsewhere within their colonies. Enough indoctrinated populations themselves assumed the belief they were made more pious, moral, small, decent, and pure through the practice of fabric body concealment.
However, the many unkind atrocities performed by the European church during the middle ages (mainly rooting out indigenous traditional holistic counsel, scientific knowledge bearers, and healing practitioners, many of which were women), the witch trials of Salem Massachusetts, the international slave trade, two world wars, countless large and small scale military battles, and millions of more recent violent criminal psychopathic acts tells quite a different history.
Police officer “Smokey” Buchanan quantifies swimsuit of Betty Fringle on Palm Beach, to see that its length fulfills swimsuit regulations – 1925
Now there are other means than authoritarian hierarchical associations for textile manufacturers to indoctrinate their pervading bogus message of the necessity of cloth body concealment all the time.
Television induces highly suggestible trance states allowing programming to obtain the subconscious as well as the conscious mind through projection of visual images and auditory signals.
teen nudism with glossy lively brilliant pictures and engaging stories. Newspapers expound the stories mass media consensus determines to be most rewarding. The web participates and interacts with full news of its users. Advertisements more and more invades every aspect of our daily life.
Meanwhile girls are assaulted by various forms of violence, children are harassed to the point of suicide, people starve themselves to death out of hate for and dissatisfaction with their bodies, and individuals are habitually ostracized, bullied, attacked, raped, and killed for what they decide to wear.
Actually, garments liberty (the ability of any person to wear or not wear whatever they desire without negative repercussions or effects) can be a fair index of freedom in general within certain society.
From what I’ve seen in my travels abroad, liberty and self determination often abound in the societies where clothes independence exists. In the societies where clothing independence is refused, authoritarian hierarchy prevails and other private independence are also in danger.
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Deer Park Nudist Resort – The Friendliest Nude Resort in California

(By Melissa Dejanude)
Review of the Deer Park Nudist Resort in California:
Deer Park California Nudist Resort -It Is winter time and there actually aren’t too many choices where a family could visit on a low budget, particularly one with a newborn baby at 5 weeks. Ever since the infant came to be, my man and I found ourselves cooped up in the home needing to get out for some serious relaxation.
We couldn’t part with our newborn boy by leaving him with a baby sitter for the night since he was breastfeeding and growing through an essential time of family bonding, so we determined to bring him with us to the naturist resort and what a better place to go to at this time than Deer Park Family Nudist Resort, “the friendliest naturist resort in Southern California.”
California Nudist Resort Deer Park
We arrived at the resort close to 6pm after hours on a Sunday night when the sun had already fallen behind the hills. The staff wasn’t expecting us so we called the after hours phone line. Within just a few rings someone answered the telephone and let’s through the gates to check into a cottage/trailer.
Generally they don’t take such specific requests while the office was shut; yet, the after hours management took heart to our situation and made a special exception. He provided us with a key to your big double-sized trailer with 2 single rooms and one toilet adjoining the rooms with a hallway that connected the two.
The room included a little microwave, coffee maker with a fine basket of coffee and accessories, a space heater, mini fridge with a decent size freezer, little end table, sofa chair, dresser and a big queen sized bed with linoleum flooring.
There were 3 windows, two on the side wall and 1 overlooking the bed, with sliding curtains to permit privacy.
The bathroom was a fairly big sized room that contained one toilet, small sink, 1 window with curtains and quaint little seashell decorations.
Deer Park Nudist Resort Cabins in California
At the moment the weather dropped less than 65 and our room was as cold as ice, so we cranked up the space heater all the way.
It didn’t take too long for the room to get warm and comfy. When we got situated in our room, we decided to head on down to the clubhouse and utilize the comforts. It’d been way too long since the chance to to use their Jacuzzi was accessible, 9 months in fact.
In all actuality this was the spot where my guy and I considered our son. Let us just say we had a really good time that night in our own private cottage. 🙂
Nudist Unclothed Steam Room at deer Park California Naturist Resort
The clubhouse was just as I remembered it, spacious with lots of things to do. When you walk in through the back entrance you first need to walk through a small hallway which leads to both primary dining area on your right and the recreation room on your own left. The kitchen is not normally open on Sunday nights to ensure entire area of the facility is shut off.
The recreational room is my favorite part of the resort; it features two toilets (dividing both male and female sexes), 1 vanity, 1 full size Jacuzzi with a built-in waterfall, (Do Not turn the waterfall on!) a sauna, steam room, two personal showers, and a billiards/game room.
Naturist Jaccuzi W/ Waterfall at Deer Park Califonia Nudist Resort
We found ourselves right at home in the Billiards room that was well situated with 1 sofa couch, bar table and bench seat, a bookshelf full of books and board games including puzzles, full news , entertainment center using an average sized television settled on the top and best of all the pool table.
We did not even need to fight over the TV channel since it was adhered on Fox 11. The distant must have already been locked up in the entertainment cupboard together with the video games.
After jumping back and forth from perspiration in the steam room to soaking our bodies in the Jacuzzi and shot off an individual game of pool and called it a night.
During this whole time we found our selves alone except for just one musician who was nice enough to offer us some drinks and play rock a by tunes on his guitar when my son started to weep. This man was a resident at the resort and made the night quite welcome for us by sharing with us pleasure stories of his times past.
Unclothed Nudist Jacuzzi Room at Deer Park Nudist Resort in California

You’ll find showers, showers and more showers. A few are out in the open right next the pools, and others are semi-divided within a little room. But you’re still showering next to other women. And then there is the sit down-and-shower section, with little bathtubs for kids and detachable showerheads. There’s soap, shampoo and conditioner in large jugs on the floor.

It was a diverse group of girls (it is NYC), and I enjoyed that women could bring their kids. I am thinking children are allowed in the men’s nude section too, but my male friend said he didn’t see any. Most of the girls appeared entirely comfortable. We were largely all strangers to each other, but it still had a communal feel to it. I think women with body image problems could benefit from a spa visit such as this, as I Have asserted in “Why women should see other women’s nude bodies.” This really is an feeling of no prudence or shame. You are able to come as you are, relax and enjoy yourself. And contrary to what you may think about present pubic hair / body hair trends, there were many unshaved women.
You could easily spend several hours only in the nude area, but we left to go meet the rest of the group after one hour. The second and third floors are cloth and coed. To go upstairs, you first must pick up your uniform, which includes a pink loose t-shirt and long shorts. The guys get the same in blue. Conventional gender colours.
The second floor has the food court and numerous distinct saunas. Between the 2nd and 3rd floor is a sleeping room with individual beds, for taking rests. The third floor has a roof deck with outdoor heated pools and a sauna. The outside facilities are open year round, so you can sit in a hot pool with snow all around! There’s at least one indoor pool also. We attempted the outdoor pool first. It was a Saturday, so it was rather crowded and near impossible to get your own jet spot.
Outdoor Pools at Spa Castle
I was happy to get out of there when a friend suggested we go try the saunas. Here’s where it got uneasy, however. Uniforms are expected on the second floor, even in the saunas. That meant I had to put clothing on over my wet bathing suit to go downstairs. What’s more uneasy when compared to a wet bathing suit? Dry garments over a wet bathing suit. Despite sitting in a few saunas for a while, my bathing suit took forever to dry, and the clothing became instantly moist.
You could return down to the locker room and take off the bathing suit, but this means you need to go downstairs and shift every time you desire to use nude videos or saunas. (No changing rooms on the upper floors.) The uniforms are completely unnecessary for the saunas. It is just forced modesty. This place could be completely naked, and it would make a lot more sense. But this is the Korean tradition.
Jade Sauna at Spa Castle
The saunas in and of themselves are amazing though. A few are of exactly the same dome shape, but otherwise they all change in temperature and / or type. The dome saunas have different interior walls lined with jade stone, gold, mineral salt and others. You can find also two infrared saunas and a color therapy sauna where you can sit in the halo of different colored lights. Each sauna is supposed to offer a different healing experience, and there is an advice tablet PC to read about them.
Infrared Sauna at Spa Castle
There are water coolers on each floor where you are able to drink from tiny paper cups of the thinnest paper you can picture. It is literally a cup of typical printer-paper depth, but it seems to hold up. I had brought a reusable water bottle, which would create a lot less garbage, but it is kind of a bother to carry one around.
Entry is a flat rate of $50 (the Manhattan place is a bit higher priced at $65). This offers you access to all the facilities. Your uniform and beach boobies (hand towels) are included, but everything else is extra. They nickel and dime you a small bit, as the saying goes. It’s better to bring your own full-size towel, but you can also rent one for $2. It’s a barefoot facility, but if you want footwear, you will need to purchase their slippers ($5). Drinks (particularly alcoholic) and food have become pricey. Massage services are twice the typical sum. That’s unlucky, as a massage could actually increase the encounter.
Some might say the entry fee is a bit much, but the facilities actually are very pleasant. The bathing suit and uniform requirements simply place a damper (literally) on the experience. Also, with the adherence to the gender binary, what’s a transgender or gender non-conforming person supposed to do? Maybe they just do not go to such areas
I would go back, as it truly is still one of the better health spas. It’s a fantastic spot to hang out with a few friends, chill out and ignore the external world. I anticipate trying the new Manhattan Spa Castle sometime.
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