The staff was actually planning a surprise office party and cake to mark the occasion. That doesn’t give me the impression of a tyrannical slave driver manager who’s hated by his subordinates.

Rumor #3: Bill had misused AANR capital and racked up unexplainable costs
I heard being talked about in a few areas and from several people. When inquired, Bill said that he is unaware of any such actual claims.
Bill, a very long time NAC and TNS activist, has made friends in both organizations. While employed by AANR, he believed it was time to bridge the divide and try and heal some of the old wounds.
Therefore, he met with a number of people in the Free Shores Movement in Florida and the Bare Necessities Cruise team.
After the meeting, he took them out to dinner. He submitted the bill for that dinner as an expense, but also reiterated that when Beverly had an issue with reimbursing him, he’d be willing to cover the dinner from his own pocket.
In the world of business, making connections and building powerful relationships is an intrinsic part of the day to day. Purchasing a client lunch or taking them out to dinner is part of the costs of doing business.
Since this was the only item as far as I could find out, I seriously doubt that this would be grounds for termination and hence I will scratch that off the list.
Gossip #4: Bill was meeting clubs that have been removed from AANR due to sexual activities with the intent behind reinstating their AANR charter.
I requested bill flat out if he met with clubs like Caliente and Paradise Lakes in his official capacity as the AANR executive director. And if so, what were the goals and reasons for doing this?
He said that the function was part of an orientation to clubs which used to be part of the AANR nudist club network. He was hoping to better understand what their behavior policies are and said that he definitely was not motivating them to return.
Within the research he was doing on the rating system, he needed to comprehend how much distance there was between a location like Paradise Lakes (where the homeowners association continues to be part of AANR) and the formal AANR guidelines. That was his only motive for seeing those clubs.
Sounds like a good and plausible reason. Since I was unable to find any info that would suggest otherwise, as far as I am concerned, I will scratch that reason off the list.
Gossip #5: Bill had decided on his own to eliminate AANR’s attorney and get a new one.
When confronted with this question Bill said that had not been wrong. Bill said that in consultation with the Beverly Price, he felt that AANR did in fact want a new lawyer. Beverly Price actually understood of his recommendation and concurred with his appraisal.
Bill believed that it was a significant problem that their current Indiana-based lawyer, Jawn Bauer, was not licensed to practice in Florida. Though AANR is a national organization, the 13 member staff is in Florida. Since most of the legal questions pertained to employment, it’d demand an understanding of Florida labor law which Jawn Bauer just did not have.
Bill went on to explain that as far as he is aware, there was never any problem with Bauer and none of this should have been a surprise or an issue with the board as Price was totally conscious of every step he took.
Since Beverly Price understood what was going on, that is a really non issue for me. Therefore, I am going to scratch it off the list.
Rumor #6: Bill was forcing AANR to restructure depending on the Carver model
Bill believed the present construction of AANR was too cumbersome. The organization itself was structured in a way that making shifts, , decisions and so forth was an extremely difficult and drawn-out procedure. He felt that it’d make things clearer, and the decision making process and execution far easier by converting to the Carver model.
The Carver model is a strategy for organizational government. It’s a popular version with many major non-profit organizations and many school boards, to which Bill compared AANR. Under the Carver model, the policy government is clearly defined.