Real-Life Naturism & Nudists at Haulover Beach

Guest Website By: Chris Hughes
Discovering Naturism at Haulover Beach
Before I had an actual, real-life nudism encounter, my head was full of wild ideas concerning what happens at naturist venues and what types of people attend them.
I cannot say that my first nudism experience changed my preconceptions substantially. I was with my wife, and we were in our own small world. The sorts of folks seeing Miami-Dade County’s publicly approved naked beach are diverse, and also though my preconceptions didn’t alter during my first visit, I did make some startling discoveries.
I was nervous on the way to Haulover Beach. I didn’t understand what to anticipate. Personally, I didn’t care a lick about tan lines, but I was interested about this social taboo.
We brought all the normal accoutrements with us to the beach: umbrella, towels, magazines and a cooler full of drinks. One difference was the cooler was filled with ice-cold beer. Haulover nudist beach is not only lax on teen posing on beach , but it truly is also lax on the laws prohibiting alcoholic beverages on public beaches. For me, it was as good a reason as any to discover what naturism / naturism is all about.
I recall going through the thick hedges in the public path to the beach, and it was like entering a whole other world. I made it seem as if I ‘d done it a thousand times before.
Haulover Beach
Some lovely women were near me, but they were undoubtedly in the minority. Most of the people I could see seemed astonishingly normal, which made it appear like they were all the more bizarre. A gay couple in their 20s was on one other side. Behind me was a heavyset man and a darkly tanned woman with leathery skin. It was nearly a great microcosm of the folks I saw every day at the shop or driving down the street. Nonetheless, I was still convinced that something was eerily wrong with them all. It would take a couple more trips before I learned that they were, in fact, the exact same people I saw every day outside of the strand.
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