FKK Is Getting Naked For Charity!

Get Nude For Charity with the FKK’ers:
Get Nude For Charity THIS Friday, November 18th, is our first indoor nude event since summer ended! AND two days before our one-year anniversary of when we started doing nude parties! So we are nearly one year old, wow! How far we’ve come.
So for this occasion, we are taking it up a level so get ready to get naked in the name of charity ! Hey if you’re gonna get nude or party nude, might as well give to a good cause while you are at it, right? We will be fund-raising for a women’s shelter through Henry Street Settlement. They need our help and yours!
Get Nude For Charity
A chief part of this fundraiser would be to kick off a nude photography project called “Emerge,” considered by the lovely and gifted Anastasiya. (By the way, it is not too late to offer as a nude model.) Guests will be able to see the first set of photos from this job and purchase limited edition prints!
Featuring open bar, music, and artistic nudity, come join us for what promises to be an amazing evening!
A Huge THANK YOU to Anastasiya, Bare Naked Bake Sale, and to all of you contributing some amazing prizes for our raffles! and Fundraiser Celebration
Friday, November 18th, 6:30pm to 9:30pm
At a gallery in Soho (address given to those who purchase tickets)
Get tickets (Tickets are no longer accessible) through our site shop, $35 each. All are welcome!
For more general information about our events, see these Nude Party and Naked Bashes FAQ’s.
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