Bonita and Juniper Woods Fkk Resorts!

[ 7 01 2012 UPDATE: Sadly, Bonita Nudist Club has since been sold and became a textile family campground. We’ll miss you Bonita! ]
Naturist Parks Tour – To continue the story of our Fkk Club Tour & Road Trip, our next area was Bonita Nudist resort or better yet – naturist parkIn contrast with Bright Remainder, Bonita is a very rustic, tranquil location, located in the Catskills in upstate NY.
Annie, who runs and operates Bonita with her husband Jerry, toured us around through the wood and quaintly decorated RV sites. Later we set up our tent again at an enclosed woodsy spot. Then we took a swim in the very clean and peaceful lake (see pictures above) and passed some time with a few individuals also taking in the sunshine. Additionally they have an outdoor pool (not yet opened because of the recent thunderstorms) and a hot tub situated in a gazebo outside.
A potluck clothes optional dinner was occurring at 6 o’ clock, and though we didn’t have anything to contribute, everyone welcomed us. I discovered the owners in addition to members at Bonita to be the most amiable folks of all the places we have been to lately.
We dined in their outdoor pavilion with some excellent food, and later on people assembled around their big fire pit to discuss and love the summery night. (They also have an indoor fkk clubhouse.) After we turned in for the night, Jerry came up to warn us about more serious thunderstorms coming in. Seeing as their bathhouse had a tree on it from the last set of thunderstorms, I made us sit in the car for a little bit. Looked like a good decision when the hail came.
In summary, we had an overall very positive experience at Bonita, and appreciated the more relaxing and secluded experience in nature. We definitely recommend Bonita nudist club as an excellent nude weekend escape.
[UPDATE: We will miss you Bonita!]
On Monday we determined to visit Juniper Woods, situated on the other side of the Catskills, before heading back home to fabric city. We took Rt 88, which has an irrationally low speed limit but a lot of policemen, so word to the wise ’cause I got a speeding ticket 😦 Arriving around lunchtime, we loved some broiled food near the pool while speaking to the owners Peggy and Jim, who’s the president of AANR East.
They also serve breakfast in the morning, but not dinner. (Costs are acceptable). From what we saw, Juniper has a nice setting and picturesque property.
Near the entrance there are ponds you can fish in. Though t here are small children and families who are members, it’s allowed as long as it isn’t obscene Very progressive!
So that was the end of our clothes optional mini tour. As I wasn’t happy about getting re-dressed on a hot sunny day, Jordan suggested I drive naked and see how long I could get away with it. But one ticket being enough for that day, I got dressed.
Up State New York Fkk Parks Tour Area 2
Bonita Up State Fresh York Naturist Park
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FKK Is Getting Naked For Charity!

Get Nude For Charity with the FKK’ers:
Get Nude For Charity THIS Friday, November 18th, is our first indoor nude event since summer ended! AND two days before our one-year anniversary of when we started doing nude parties! So we are nearly one year old, wow! How far we’ve come.
So for this occasion, we are taking it up a level so get ready to get naked in the name of charity ! Hey if you’re gonna get nude or party nude, might as well give to a good cause while you are at it, right? We will be fund-raising for a women’s shelter through Henry Street Settlement. They need our help and yours!
Get Nude For Charity
A chief part of this fundraiser would be to kick off a nude photography project called “Emerge,” considered by the lovely and gifted Anastasiya. (By the way, it is not too late to offer as a nude model.) Guests will be able to see the first set of photos from this job and purchase limited edition prints!
Featuring open bar, music, and artistic nudity, come join us for what promises to be an amazing evening!
A Huge THANK YOU to Anastasiya, Bare Naked Bake Sale, and to all of you contributing some amazing prizes for our raffles! and Fundraiser Celebration
Friday, November 18th, 6:30pm to 9:30pm
At a gallery in Soho (address given to those who purchase tickets)
Get tickets (Tickets are no longer accessible) through our site shop, $35 each. All are welcome!
For more general information about our events, see these Nude Party and Naked Bashes FAQ’s.
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As a girl and a feminist I’ve ever been interested in women’s stories. My last artwork project was called Union’ and I photographed girls in their wedding dresses in their own houses (sometimes many years after the wedding day) to be able to compare the fairy tale of the wedding day epitomised by the dress with the domestic reality of union. I realised I needed a more intimate window into women’s lives. Over the years many different motives crystallised and I felt compelled to undertake this endeavor, though it felt pretty left-field if you ask me. I’ve grown up surrounded by pictures of objectified women in the media. The portrayal of women appears so two dimensional and boxed-in to me. I find it an uneasy feeling. We’re more than that. We do not all conform to a homogenous small ideal of attractiveness, and our lives and experiences are rich and diverse. Media portrayal would have me believe I should be a passive Barbie doll in order to be happy, fulfilled, womanly. During the course of the job I realised that I was researching what it means to be a girl. Breasts are interesting in themselves, but they are also drivers for discussing intimate aspects of women’s lives: growing up, sexuality, relationships, breastfeeding, health, cancer, body image, eating disorders media and ageing, as well as more.

I thought about the endeavor for a year before I began – I figure I am a slow burner ! Undertaking such an extensive job and doing it correctly does take time.
How did you go about finding participants, and was it difficult? Were girls excited to participate?
It took me about a year to find all the girls. I ‘d a matrix’ of various sorts of women I wanted to locate, broadly representing women in the UK where I live. Distinct ethnicities, sexualities, places, shapes and sizes, life experiences and livelihood. Some girls were happy to take part, but not everyone concurred. I only wanted girls to participate if they were extremely comfortable. It is quite something in our culture to bare your breasts, in addition to personal narratives about them. I have done a lot of asking around, and later on some social media callouts. The girls who’d taken part were brilliant about evangelising for me. I ‘d to attend a lap dancing club to ask lap dancers to take part. Locating a nun took a really long time. Finally I gave up on finding a willing Catholic nun, but couldn’t be happier that I found a Buddhist nun to take part. I love her interview.
Catholic nuns did not clarify their reasons for not taking part, they merely said No’. I wish I understood!
I’m certain the anonymity part helped? Is that why you determined to make it anonymous? And I feel like the revealing of the breasts part would not be the hard thing so much as the vulnerability and of sharing one’s soul and storyline. Yet, many do regard their breasts as a “private part.” Did you find that to be accurate?
Certainly, baring your soul can feel more exposing than baring your breasts. It was important that contribution would be anonymous so that women would feel comfortable and safe doing both. Some girls had no qualms at all about getting their tops off in front of the camera. At the other end of the spectrum, one woman was very anxious because the only individual who had ever seen her breasts was her husband.
What were some of the reasons, or most common reason, these women chose to participate? Did they feel the must be heard, to get their stories outside?
I believe we like telling stories and we like hearing other people’s narratives. It truly is cathartic. I felt a two way healing procedure during some of the interviews.
One girl who’d had breast cancer said this: ‘I was keen to take part in this undertaking. beach 18 bikini needed there to be breasts with scars on.’ Other girls only liked the sound of the theory when I explained it and did not have special messages or aims, they were merely open minded to the procedure.
We seem to live in a society that is obsessed with breasts. They’re everywhere and used to sell anything and everything. And in the UK, individuals appear to be a whole lot less strict about showing nipples. (You never see lady nipples in public in America unless they are on a girl.) But when women try and breastfeed in public or be topfree like men, they’re met with hostility and harassment. What would you make of that?

Guide to The Sex Positive Movement

The sex positive movement adopts a cultural philosophy that comes from the idea that sex and human sexuality may be a positive force in one’s life.
This sex positive community encourages the acceptance of everyone’s sexual choices and lifestyles within safe and consensual environments. Sex positivity always includes the notion of approval and of partners as an essential aspect of sexual behaviour and emphasizes the utilization of safe sex practices and healthy habits in the course of selected activities.
The essential characteristic of the sex positive culture is that it rejects the notion that sex is somehow shameful or bad and instead tries to promote an optimistic perspective of natural cravings, sexual pleasure, and diversity.
The Basics of Sex favorable:
Sex favorable observes sex as natural and healthy. All types of consensual sex are recognized and accepted within the movement. There are not any moral judgments about pick of sexual activities, preference of partners, or sensual experimenting. The sex positive movement promotes equality for the LGBT, queer and alternative lifestyle communities. Sexual diversity is open to be explored and celebrated. Within the sex positive outlook, varied sexual practices including masturbation, BDSM, polyamory, and role playing can be safely adopted ways to explore intimacy and happiness.
Sex Positive Approach:
Since the sex favorable philosophy is all about recognition, lots of people feel liberated and happy when they leave their prejudices and shame behind. Learning to love and value our own bodies is a crucial procedure of the movement.
Possibly the most constructive part of the sex positive movement is that it gives individuals the ability to respect their sexuality and good motives to value enjoyment in their own life. Sex is ! It’s a normal aspect of relationships, it feels good, it alleviates tension, and it is just plain enjoyable and exciting. This also lets us accept people for who they’re on deeper levels. Beyond the personal features of sex positivity, there’s also a social object. The sex positive movement strives for a world in which everyone feels comfortable with themselves and does not harbor judgments against others based on their sexual preferences.
The movement includes this type of wide variety of individuals and doctrines that occasions for individuals thinking about sex positivity are as varied as the community itself. Sex positive actions may include public happenings like gay pride parades and festivals, or they can be more intimate affairs like swinger socials and poly-amorous dating groups. Because human sexuality is fluid and open, there is much to research and room enough for everyone.
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Real-Life Naturism & Nudists at Haulover Beach

Guest Website By: Chris Hughes
Discovering Naturism at Haulover Beach
Before I had an actual, real-life nudism encounter, my head was full of wild ideas concerning what happens at naturist venues and what types of people attend them.
I cannot say that my first nudism experience changed my preconceptions substantially. I was with my wife, and we were in our own small world. The sorts of folks seeing Miami-Dade County’s publicly approved naked beach are diverse, and also though my preconceptions didn’t alter during my first visit, I did make some startling discoveries.
I was nervous on the way to Haulover Beach. I didn’t understand what to anticipate. Personally, I didn’t care a lick about tan lines, but I was interested about this social taboo.
We brought all the normal accoutrements with us to the beach: umbrella, towels, magazines and a cooler full of drinks. One difference was the cooler was filled with ice-cold beer. Haulover nudist beach is not only lax on teen posing on beach , but it truly is also lax on the laws prohibiting alcoholic beverages on public beaches. For me, it was as good a reason as any to discover what naturism / naturism is all about.
I recall going through the thick hedges in the public path to the beach, and it was like entering a whole other world. I made it seem as if I ‘d done it a thousand times before.
Haulover Beach
Some lovely women were near me, but they were undoubtedly in the minority. Most of the people I could see seemed astonishingly normal, which made it appear like they were all the more bizarre. A gay couple in their 20s was on one other side. Behind me was a heavyset man and a darkly tanned woman with leathery skin. It was nearly a great microcosm of the folks I saw every day at the shop or driving down the street. Nonetheless, I was still convinced that something was eerily wrong with them all. It would take a couple more trips before I learned that they were, in fact, the exact same people I saw every day outside of the strand.
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The staff was actually planning a surprise office party and cake to mark the occasion. That doesn’t give me the impression of a tyrannical slave driver manager who’s hated by his subordinates.

Rumor #3: Bill had misused AANR capital and racked up unexplainable costs
I heard being talked about in a few areas and from several people. When inquired, Bill said that he is unaware of any such actual claims.
Bill, a very long time NAC and TNS activist, has made friends in both organizations. While employed by AANR, he believed it was time to bridge the divide and try and heal some of the old wounds.
Therefore, he met with a number of people in the Free Shores Movement in Florida and the Bare Necessities Cruise team.
After the meeting, he took them out to dinner. He submitted the bill for that dinner as an expense, but also reiterated that when Beverly had an issue with reimbursing him, he’d be willing to cover the dinner from his own pocket.
In the world of business, making connections and building powerful relationships is an intrinsic part of the day to day. Purchasing a client lunch or taking them out to dinner is part of the costs of doing business.
Since this was the only item as far as I could find out, I seriously doubt that this would be grounds for termination and hence I will scratch that off the list.
Gossip #4: Bill was meeting clubs that have been removed from AANR due to sexual activities with the intent behind reinstating their AANR charter.
I requested bill flat out if he met with clubs like Caliente and Paradise Lakes in his official capacity as the AANR executive director. And if so, what were the goals and reasons for doing this?
He said that the function was part of an orientation to clubs which used to be part of the AANR nudist club network. He was hoping to better understand what their behavior policies are and said that he definitely was not motivating them to return.
Within the research he was doing on the rating system, he needed to comprehend how much distance there was between a location like Paradise Lakes (where the homeowners association continues to be part of AANR) and the formal AANR guidelines. That was his only motive for seeing those clubs.
Sounds like a good and plausible reason. Since I was unable to find any info that would suggest otherwise, as far as I am concerned, I will scratch that reason off the list.
Gossip #5: Bill had decided on his own to eliminate AANR’s attorney and get a new one.
When confronted with this question Bill said that had not been wrong. Bill said that in consultation with the Beverly Price, he felt that AANR did in fact want a new lawyer. Beverly Price actually understood of his recommendation and concurred with his appraisal.
Bill believed that it was a significant problem that their current Indiana-based lawyer, Jawn Bauer, was not licensed to practice in Florida. Though AANR is a national organization, the 13 member staff is in Florida. Since most of the legal questions pertained to employment, it’d demand an understanding of Florida labor law which Jawn Bauer just did not have.
Bill went on to explain that as far as he is aware, there was never any problem with Bauer and none of this should have been a surprise or an issue with the board as Price was totally conscious of every step he took.
Since Beverly Price understood what was going on, that is a really non issue for me. Therefore, I am going to scratch it off the list.
Rumor #6: Bill was forcing AANR to restructure depending on the Carver model
Bill believed the present construction of AANR was too cumbersome. The organization itself was structured in a way that making shifts, , decisions and so forth was an extremely difficult and drawn-out procedure. He felt that it’d make things clearer, and the decision making process and execution far easier by converting to the Carver model.
The Carver model is a strategy for organizational government. It’s a popular version with many major non-profit organizations and many school boards, to which Bill compared AANR. Under the Carver model, the policy government is clearly defined.

Actual Real Nude Folks Is A Standard Nudes Endeavor Worth Noting!

The Real Nude People Job:
I’d be willing to bet the title of the post has you curious. Merely the word ‘naked’ makes some people blush, while the theory of “actual”naked peoplecan set off giggles. Why is this our instinctual reaction to the thought of unclothed bodies, when all of US arrive on this earth that manner the day we’re born?
Naturism is practiced in many places around the world. Some states are a little more accepting of the concept than others. In America, the entire feeling towards naturism is among unease. Our Puritanical roots run deep, and being naked in public, in the open, simply doesn’t seem appropriate to most. Naturistsknow that nudity has nothing related to sexuality, but most others simply don’t see it that way. Our parents cuddle us, swaddled in blankets and pajamas, and we learn to link being covered with security. We are educated from a young age that to be seen without clothing is wrong, and kids feel shameful of being naked before they even comprehend what genitalia are for.
With naked people and the naked human body in general being so overly sexualized to the extent, some fascinating and dreadful things have happened. Body image was distorted among growing kids which are never permitted to see what real naked bodies really look like. Far fewer infants are breastfed in America than in other nations and women who do figure out how to nurse successfully are demonized if they dare do so in public. The message that folks are becoming is that nudity is bad, naked bodies are shameful and naturism is wrong.
The Naked People Endeavor
Naturism may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Having said that, it definitely bears considering especially since practicing nudism can remove naturists families which our society is plagued with. By experiencing and appreciating the type and function of the naked human body, without objectifying or sexualizing it, we can appreciate how truly amazing our naked bodies actually are.
Every girl who has ever breastfed her baby will tell you that there’s no sexual bond to that infant. That said, there is an amazing joy and wonder in terms of the fact that the woman’s body provides sustenance for her child.
Experiencing life in exactly the same state that we began it is an incredible thing. Being Nude can cause you to feel linked to the world around you in ways that clothed living can’t. It can definitely raise your awareness of self, but not in the negative manner that we are used to. Instead, we acquire the understanding our bodies are really astounding things.
Actual Naked Folks and The Nu Project (as in Bare Project)
Unless you happen to be a nudist, when else would you see the actual, typical naked people? bulgaria nudist is so taboo that when we do see people naked, it is celebs in movies, in the media, or maybe the half-naked girls you are able to catch on the Discovery channel once in awhile in the deserts of Africa.
Naked people in the media are generally versions with a physical stature that represents a miniscule percentage of the inhabitants. The result is that individuals end up having an completely distorted perception of what the natural kind actually looks like and what “ordinary” is (when there’s no such thing as ordinary.)
Real Mother And Kid Playing While Nude
So here are 2 interesting projects that allow you to see photos of real people nude with no airbrushing, photoshop, or forced sexuality put into them.
1) The Genuine Naked People Project (can be seen at: is a unique undertaking that with new technology lets you first see a person dressed and then naked, just by placing the cursor over them. The blurb about the endeavor starts with these alluring statements, “Clothing are our second layer of skin. They disguise, reveal, mirror our innermost being or help hide it.”
Image Of A Naked Girl As Part of The Genuine Naked People Job
2) The Bare Project (can be seen at: by photographer Matt Blum consists of a few galleries of real nudes as in “actual people naked”, specifically women, revealing themselves just as they’re. The homepage reads “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” in 15 different languages and has some wonderful music to listen to. Blum states, “I began The Nu Project looking to photograph ordinary individuals free of modeling experience and in photographing them get small bits of pure, undistorted mankind.”
Real Mom And Child Unclothed
Love the.
Young Naturists & Naturists America